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Backend Engineer / Developer

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  • Salary: 30000 € - 42000 €
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Job Description

We are looking to grow the tech team in Barcelona of our client and we are seeking for a Backend Engineer / Developer.

Responsibilities will include:

● Work in the Tech team, hand in hand with the Product team
● Design (architecture) + Implement (coding) the best solutions for each given problem
● Take ownership for the stability and scalability of the platform components
● Be responsible for the deployments of the code in production and transit the process to
“continuous everything”
● “Your build it, You run it” operations mode

Skills required:

● Good analytical capacity
● Ability to work independently, proactive and responsible
● Customer centric mindset and lean approach will be highly valued
● Focus on delivery, building products from concept to market

Absolute requirements:

● Proven experience in Agile teamwork under Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban
● Proven experience with GitHub/Bitbucket: Fork & Pull request collaboration models
● Git proficiency: remotes, interactive rebase, merge, cherry-pick, annotation tagging
● Experience with REST APIs
● Knowledge of OOP and FP paradigms
● Writing clean and testable code, unit tests and integration tests
● Cross-Browsers compatibility
● Docker
● MongoDB / Elasticsearch / Couchbase
● Python
● CI/CD pipelines
● Proven experience with NodeJS and being comfortable with asynchronous programming
oriented to events
● Scripts master: bash, sed, grep, awk
● Familiarity with strategic DDD
● Care of good practices and class organisation of code application

Tags: Agile, awk, backend, bash, Bitbucket, DDD, design, docker, GIT, GIT HUB, grep, Implementation, Kanban, mongoDB, python, Rest API, Scrum, Scrumban, sed

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