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Frontend Engineer

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  • Salary: 30000 € - 42000 €
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Job Description

Frontend Engineer Responsibilities will include:

● Developing and maintaining several web projects with high traffic (webapp platform,
back-office platform, home/landing pages)

● Design (architecture) + Implement (coding) the best solutions for each given problem

● Working hand in hand with the Product and UX teams

● Contributing to decision making for the development and UX/UI of new features

● Working with new technologies and keeping updated in a changing environment with
new challenges

● Dealing with uncertainties and frequent iterations, moving fast and learning fast (LEAN

Skills required:

● Good analytical capacity
● Ability to work independently, proactive and responsible
● Customer centric mindset and lean approach will be highly valued
● Focus on delivery, building products from concept to market

Absolute requirements:

● Proven experience in Agile teamwork under Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban
● Proven experience with GitHub/Bitbucket: Fork & Pull request collaboration models
● Git proficiency: remotes, interactive rebase, merge, cherry-pick, annotation tagging
● At least 3 years of proven experience in vanilla Javascript/ES6/NodeJS development
● Proven experience with React and Redux
● Experience with Redux- Saga and styled components
● Experience with REST APIs
● Knowledge of OOP and FP paradigms
● Writing clean and testable code, unit tests, integration tests and UI tests
● Experience with Webpack and Babel
● Critical eye on UX/UI and ability to think on reusable components

Tags: Agile, angular js, CSS3, forontend, HTML5, Javascript, node js, react js, Redux, Rest API, Scrum, UI, ux

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