Frequent Questions

What makes us different?

It is quite clear to us: it is our clients who tell us why they pick us. Our values and culture speak for themselves.

We didn’t invent the wheel. We focus our efforts and energy on the HOW.

We are doers! And really prefer proving it than explaining it!

Quality, quality and more quality

Experts in tech? Not sure about that, we’ve just spent over 5 years working on this?

We are very techie but also very businessy.

Maximum detail, neatness, clarity. Always.

The nuances make the difference. IN EVERYTHING.

Agility, flexibility and positive energy. Otherwise, we pack our bags and go!

Someone’s questions say more about themselves than the stories they tell.

Time is gold. Candidates’ time, our clients’ and our own.

Less is more. We simplify. We work to make the hardest quite easy.

Add up and contribute. From the starting point, we propose solutions and alternatives.

Respect, sincerity and fair play.

“If you want different results, stop doing always the same”

Are you Headhunters or a Recruitment Consultancy?

We define as:

Headhunter – Through direct search, they identify candidates who are not actively looking for new career opportunities.

Recruitment Consultancy – Performs a curriculum screening to choose the best profiles / candidates, which have been found through job ads or through internal or external databases.

The Melza model is MIXED. After the initial briefing call with the client, we establish a search strategy, which will depend on the type of project, urgency, sector, professional category, market demand and many other factors.

Which type of profiles do you search? Only Developers?

We practically act as both within the tech ecosystem.

—> The most requested profiles by our clients: Data / Big Data, DevOps, Software QA, Developers / Software Engineers (Frontend, Backend, Fullstack), Digital Marketing (eCommerce, SEO, PPC), Security, Product Owners / Project Managers / Program Managers, Tech Support.

—> We work our magic on HR processes – Ops & Talent Acquisition, Legal – Data Protection, Customer Success, Business Development, Finance…

Do you have remote offers?

Most of the current recruitment processes we’re handling are remote and will continue as long as the pandemic lasts. When we have a “full remote” vacancy, we always clearly identify it within the position title. Whenever it’s a mixed format or 100% on-site, the explanation will appear in the Job Description.

Which companies do you collaborate with?

Technological or digital companies: Startups, Digital Hubs, Digital Spin Offs, Tech consultancies.

Companies from non-technological sectors: in digitalization phase or technological transformation: SMEs and multinationals.

Can I send you my CV even if I don't find an interesting offer?

Of course. You’ll only need to fill in our contact form attaching your CV, or email us directly at

Does Melza ask for referrals for candidates?

Yes, we check references, always with prior consent from candidates. We take RGDP very seriously.

Does Melza comply with Data Protection laws?

Yes! We are fully aligned with the new personal data protection regulation. (RGPD). Have a look at our Privacy Policy.

What are Melza's rates and prices? Do you work with success fees?

Our fees can be set as a fixed rate or a percentage of the gross yearly salary of that position. Since one of our main goals is flexibility, we do our best to set a fee according to the needs and expectations of the client.

We work with success fees when it makes sense for the vacancy and situation of the process and client.

Where does the name Melza come from?

As the two founding partners of the brand we thought a lot about the naming… But in order to escape from “paralysis by analysis” and since there’s also a classical part in both of us, we decided to merge our last names: MEL from Melero and ZA from Zamora. Solved mystery! XD

Your website is the coolest. Who designed it for you?

Heyyy! The million-dollar question! Changing our image and website was one of the effects of the pandemic… The old ones just didn’t really reflect who we were. We needed an urgent rebranding! Even surgery! XD And one day we meet the BAKEº team. What can we say about them? They are outstanding in everything they do, hyper creative and very professional ☺

Any questions?

We want to help you. So whether it is to ask us something or propose us new recruiting challenges, feel free to get in touch with us!